Stephanie is a public radio producer and reporter. Currently, she works on Colorado Public Radio's flagship interview show, Colorado Matters. Prior to that, she was a member of CPR's arts bureau and helped launch an experimental project called "Radio Dances," in which they invited professional Colorado dance companies to take a traditionally visual art form and re-imagine it for the airwaves. Iconic radio personality Ira Glass hit the road with choreographers Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass in 2013, but expressed skepticism that dance could work on the radio. They asked him to weigh in.

"I feel like when we decided to put our show together we were making a foolhardy attempt at something that no one wanted," Glass told CPR. "I feel like Colorado Public Radio took it to the next level. I feel like you went further than we did. You saw our bluff and took it further. You trumped our card with a higher trump value and I have such respect for that. I never thought this could possibly work and I was so impressed at the number of people who just sent you in entries and the quality of some of them I was really amazed and excited to hear."

 (Photo: Corey H. Jones)

(Photo: Corey H. Jones)

Before she worked in journalism, Wolf was a professional ballet and contemporary dancer for more than 12 years. While transitioning from ballet to journalism may seem unusual, Wolf has found that her years in a rehearsal studio have instilled in her unwavering discipline, the ability to work under pressure and against deadlines, and an inclination to this outside of the box. 

In 2010, Wolf co-founded { DIYdancer }, a platform for dance journalism and criticism. She and her collaborators released the first print edition of { DIYdancer } spring 2017.

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